Files added by script 'index_filenames.php' will never be synced in nextcloud client

tanghaowen100 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 0

I think it may be a bug.

I use the script 'index_filenames.php' to index new files generated by other programs.

After running 'index_filenames.php', new files are indexed and showed in web page. It's OK.

But nextcloud client will never sync these new files until I upload some new files from web site.

After some research, I found the reason:

Although script 'index_filenames.php' can index new files, it will not update the 'last modified time' of home folder.

So, the value of field `getlastmodified` in response of API `/remote.php/dav/files/admin/` will not change.

Because the value of`getlastmodified` not changed, nextcloud client doesn't know some files are add to filerun, these new files will never be synced.