Document editing - plugin issues

yashica.forum.admin 1 month ago 0

I have the latest version of FileRun, and the Zoho plugin and Office plugin have been enabled, with an appropriate key added for Zoho.

I can open the Zoho API dashboard and see the calls and the counter, and the spreadsheet files open as-expected in Zoho's editor. If any change is made - whether it's big or small, doesn't matter - and I then click to save the sheet... it displays "Saving...", but fails to do any save at all, and it doesn't make it back to the API console as a 'success'. I can't get the save message to change, and no amount of waiting clears and resets the save button for any other attempts. It just seems to freeze the save process.

Locally, I have Libreoffice installed, and not MS Office, and I have file associations set up to open any MS or OpenOffice files in Libreoffice. If I select a spreadsheet in FileRun and select to open in 'Office', the file opens as read-only, and I can edit it after switching to edit mode... but I get the same error notice as I've seen mentioned in other posts regarding save errors using MS Office. The popup notes: Error saving the document Yashica_-_Draft_Lens_List: The object cannot be created in directory https://cdn.[my-public-site].net/wl/rw/Y9paVTCFNkFnw66S5lJWFBC8bXPA4tPU/.

I don't have any way of using OpenOffice, as it requires a public instance of the server itself as a full-on install, so there's no other options for any editor plugins to try. I haven't yet approached Zoho support about whatever issue there might be, as it doesn't appear the issue is related to their API not providing transfers because of a bad key, and I do see the initial opening of the file

Although MS office isn't installed, the same open/save code seems to satisfy the transfer of data, at least in one direction, but is there a mismatch in program use that affects whether files can be saved just because I'm using LibreOffice? I assumed both softwares would use the same protocols for data transfers in their background processes.