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Synology: nextcloud android app 'server not found' error after enter server URL, if use nginx as http server

fengk2010 1 month ago updated by Vlad R 1 month ago 3

My filerun is running on a Synology,  DSM version is 6.2.3.

If set  nginx as http backend server in Web Station General Settings,the nextcloud android app show  ‘server not found’ error  after enter server URL。But if set Apache 2.4 as http backend server,nextcloud android app work well.

I haven't found why…

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Does FileRun load fine in a browser, at the exact same URL, without redirects? Are you using a particular port number to access the HTTP server and perhaps not specifying the port number when trying to connect via Nextcloud?

Yes, filerun load fine in a browser, when using nginx as http server。

Port number is 80、443.  

Any entries in the NGINX error log?