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Nextcloud desktop login issue

krestyanikov 2 weeks ago updated by Vlad R 2 weeks ago 1


There was a problem connecting nextcloud desktop to filerun. The filerun instance is deployed on an Apache server with nginx as a proxy. PHP version 7.4. SLL works. In the control panel, OAuth is enabled, API is enabled. When authorizing from nextcloud, after clicking the Login button and specifying the address of my server https://mydomainname.com, a blank white screen appears and that's it! If you click the "Connect WebDAV app" button in your account settings, the same blank screen is displayed. The path https://mydomainname.com/dav.php displays an authorization form, accepts a username and password, and displays an XML document. Tell me what could be the problem and how can it be solved?


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Please make sure "log_errors" is set to "On" in your PHP configuration, and "error_log" is configured with a writable path. Then check if there are any related entries written in the error log file when trying to connect to FileRun using the desktop app. Would also be useful to check if there are any errors logged in the Apache error log. or in the Nginx log.