Awesome new FileRun version available! Update now!

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  • The entire user interface has been reworked, with high attention to every little detail.
  • Great mobile experience. It adapts to screens of any size to provide a smooth and intuitive experience. Supports touchscreen laptops, handling both mouse and touch selection in the best way.
  • Very fast user interface
  • Very fast thumbnail creation
  • Support for folders with thousands of files and subfolders
  • Photo albums
  • And much much more: https://filerun.com/changelog


Waiting for docker image :P


We will update them shortly. However, note that pulling a new Docker image will never update a FileRun installation. FileRun updates are installed only from the FileRun control panel section "Update" (https://docs.filerun.com/updating)

Perhaps I'm not understanding you correctly.  The docker images contain the FileRun software.  Why would upgrading the docker image not upgrade my instance of FileRun?  I expect my docker applications to always run the latest when I use the tag :latest at the end (e.g. filerun/filerun:latest) and have scripts setup to automatically update all of my docker containers daily.  

Because I don't have time to work on creating those scripts for automatic updating. It's enough that the updates can be installed from the installation. It also minimizes risk for stuff breaking.


New Docker image ready: https://hub.docker.com/r/filerun/filerun


Upgraded FileRun to version 2021.12.07, added libvips, HEIC support, latest ImageMagick version with support for RAW photos, Libreoffice, pngquant, enabled stl-thumb by default.

is this one replacing "image: afian/filerun" ? 

also, there used to be image: afian/filerun and image: afian/filerun:libreoffice - is there now only one available?


Yes, it is replacing afian/filerun.

There is only one single FileRun official image now: filerun/filerun

The link on the download page still points to the old docker image, had to come here to find the new one

Thank you for pointing it out, we've fixed that now.

I have a running Afian/filerun 2021.06 27 version of local service. How do I update this version?

1. I tried to directly replace the image with a new one. It can run, but it is still the version in June

2. Delete the /var/www/HTML folder, restart the image, the home page cannot be opened, and a 500 error is displayed

The update process is described above. FileRun, the application itself, not its environment (Docker), updates only via the FileRun control panel.

For fix it from here, please see https://feedback.filerun.com/en/communities/1/topics/1340-problems-updating-from-gui-using-filerunfilerun-docker-container#comment-4739

Oh, I tried to upgrade in the web panel. It didn't report an error, but after the update, it couldn't work. Any page opened in the browser returned: err_ EMPTY_ RESPONSE

The docker log shows:

AH00052: child pid 25 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)


I found the problem. And here is a patch. Please replace the file "system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Utils/FRL.php" in your FileRun installation folder with this version.

Thanks Vlad R this fixed the 503 error that i was getting as well.

Thank you. The upgrade was successful at last!

I am not sure if there is no such option or if I might have missed it but can I somehow opt in to get a notification when a new update is available?

We will add an option soon. We do plan to notify owners of registered installation, particularly about updates which include security updates.


Hi there !

Just updated, and there are some cusotmizations which are now lost.
The most important one, is the theme. It's not that violet is ugly, but I'm really not liking this color. I used Onedrive's theme, and it's now locked. Any chances to enable this again, or at least, other colors like blue ?

The wallpaper at login is also gone. and wanted mine actually back.

Something else, I used the help button to link this to your support page. Any chances to see this button come back ?

Not much more to add. It's a fresh update, so couldn't see anything else wrong except cosmetic things. Thanks for the update ! :)


Thank you for the feedback, it will be taken into serious consideration.

A FileRun update is now available. Among other fixes and improvements, it is adding back the color themes and login page background. Thank you for your feedback!

Inside the FileRun installation folder, inside "system/data/temp" you should find the PHP error log. It would be great if you could let me know what you find in the log.

Looks like you are trying to manage "/test" with FileRun. For security reasons PHP is limited to the "/user-files" path (this is a path inside the container, not your host system). Mount your folder inside "/user-files" and manage it from that path.


I want to more adapted editor and file menu view when use in phone. 

Example: the menu view should show more longer filename( the new version show file type tag before the filename and a col show file type after the filename, it repetition! and cause only show a short  filename with ...), the editor can choose any words to copy like this forum editor when use in phone, and filerun editor cannot edit the last few lines in long text(a lots lines) when use in phone, etc.

The mentioned things will be improved with the next update. Thank you for the feedback!


A new FileRun update is now available. It fixes the text editor on mobile devices.

I updated it. The editor can edit to all lines when tapping the upper screen evokes the virtual keyboard, but tapping the lower half of the screen raises the keyboard to produce empty area. I just reporting on that. The editor has met my previous needs, it's great! Thank you!

After running the update i get 503 error.

The log file appears to show that everything ran correctly, i am totally new to this and am not sure what to attempt next and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

503 Service Unavailable is an error from the HTTP server, the proxy or reverse proxy server. It is not from FileRun or PHP.

You get this error on the login page? Is your HTTP server running? I would recommend you to check the HTTP logs.


I have been a loyal opensource user of FileRun for years and, first off, want to say thank you and that I absolutely love the software. I have never posted any messages in the forum until now. That said...and hopefully I don't sound unappreciative (or overly-dramatic for that matter -- I understand and support the need for revenue!!). I just updated to the new version and I am TRULY upset that my custom dark theme -- which I literally spent HOURS and HOURS custom-coding and fine-tuning and creating -- is gone or at least inaccessible in exchange for (I'm sorry, at least to me) some forced, really ugly tone of purple. PLEASE bring back at the least the option for one custom theme. I'll trade it for the extra 7 licenses!! I didn't see the elimination of custom themes in the changelog prior to updating (I may have missed it) but I would have held off if I had seen anything. It may seem silly, but I really am considering changing software now or at least reverting to the prior version. 


The FileRun UI code changed so much in the new version, no custom theme would have survived through the version upgrade anyway. 

I am sorry for your theme, I will take your message into serious consideration.


I think, they definitely need a home user price which would unlock the premium features, at a relative low price.

A 40$ or something, and which includes no support, but unlocks theming, and LDAP for use with private servers and NAS.

suggested this already a year or 2 ago, with no reply. The price was and is much more ( it's now even hidden !) targeting companies, with support and so on, and I understand it, but it has its limits.


Yes, a one-time payment option.


Thank you for the awesome software and quick response. As I mentioned before, I'm not normally a very vocal member of the FileRun community as the software has always been great and other users usually suggest similar changes/features before I even think of them...plus I am always hesitant complaining about something I don't pay for...but as Jules G and Nelo also mention, simple options such as custom theming or LDAP support are exactly the types of features I would gladly pay a one-time fee for as a solo user. I have no use for an enterprise license, but would love to show my support for the development. I do feel as if you're missing out on a large subset of your user-base that would be happy to buy the product, just not at the enterprise level (I have no need for 7 additional licenses but would love to be able to customize the theme again! Please, please bring in back!). I would also humbly recommend that changes like eliminating a custom feature (such as locking not just the base themes, but also a user's customized theme) be more clearly listed in the changelog. Whether free or not, or even if considered a trivial change, custom features are exactly that -- "customized" by the user and, in my opinion, the user should at least have the option to pay to keep the customizations or understand what will occur during the upgrade.

In any event...thanks again both for the software and your interaction with your users/customers. Overall the new version is an awesome move forward!   


I don't want to ever charge for non-commercial use of FileRun. I offer FileRun for free for my own satisfaction of helping people, I get almost nothing out of it in terms of promotion for the paid version. And because of the very low number of people that would be interested in more advanced options, charging you guys a one-time fee would make almost no financial difference to me. I am working on an solution though, so there will be some changes soon.

Anyway, thank you for using FileRun and for your feedback!

Merry Christmas!

I took some time to reply a bit.

the real strength of filerun, is the ability to use it as an outside UI for accessing the files stored on a server, while keeping access to the same files via SMB.

This is my use, and other solutions which looks great, like own cloud or nextcloud, can't do this, as the data is only manageable by these tools.

a lot of home NAS have some tools, but usually, it's either nextcloud or a desktop window manager from the NAS itself. This doesn't let you use SMB and a web GUI easily. Filerun could shine in here, by adding a filerun packet compatible with these devices like synologiy or UNRAID.

It would be much easier to communicate about filerun, as we could then say : install filerun on your NAS for getting a google drive like system when you are not at home.

Moreover, these NAS tend to be used in small companies.

i could also be completely wrong... I'm just a aeronautics engineer 😅

The fact FileRun (webUI or webDAV) gives you a realtime representation from the actual data on your drive, is really great. 
But by using SMB or other protocols that do not work via FileRun, you miss out a lot. I would recommend taking the step to webDAV.

You will benefit from instant image thumbnails and previews. Also, when you upload stuff via webDAV, they will be indexed, thumbnailed etc. This allows you to quickly browse through your images. 
With SMB, you would only see filenames and you are completely dependent on the generation of thumbs while accessing the data (= after download), much slower, not really usable for photo viewing/management.

I used NFS instead of SMB (zero overhead, much, much faster than SMB) but eventually moved to using NextCloud Desktop Client on laptops/pc's and FolderSync (free) on Android, both simply use FileRun webDAV to connect. It's awesome.

For example, I had to create a powerpoint slideshow with lots of photos. Did so on my laptop, that was constantly in 2-way sync with FileRun.

Meanwhile, family members were uploading photos to a folder I shared with them (with upload rights).

In my Image viewer on the laptop, I could see the images appear in realtime. In FileRun webUI, I could share that screen on a TV and scroll through all their photos visually, without having to wait, because the thumbnail and preview was already created right after uploading. It was as if I had inserted a USB stick with photos: no waiting time.

Sure there are use cases for SMB/NFS. But whenever possible, consider webDAV to connect to FileRun instead of the storage behind FileRun. 


A new FileRun update is now available. Among other fixes and improvements, it is adding back the colored themes and login page background image in the free FileRun version.

Merry Christmas!

I have always encouraged (and helped) people to try FileRun. It's great software, and deserves to be known.