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Unraid Docker guide

manuelpeiro 10 months ago updated by insomnia417 4 months ago 21

Hi all!

(Disclaimer: sorry for my english)

Here are my little guide to setup the awesome FileRun in Unraid with docker.

First, we need the MariaDB container. So, here we go!

Repository : mariadb:10.1
Network Type: Custom:  proxynet (In my case, the same that SWAG)
Port : 3306:3306 (host:container. Obviously, is an example, but if you change, you have change in FileRun container too)
Variable PUID : 1002 (I have created a user for FileRun. I will explain it below)
Variable PGID : 100 (USERS group)
Variable MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD : mysqlrootpass
Variable MYSQL_USER : mysqluser
Variable MYSQL_PASSWORD : mysqlpass
Variable MYSQL_DATABASE : frdb
Path : /mnt/cache/appdata/filerun/db : /var/lib/mysql

Next, we are going to create the FileRun container:

Repository : filerun/filerun
Network Type: Custom: proxynet
Port WebUI : 1080:80 (host:container. The FileRun web)

Path Web : /mnt/cache/appdata/filerun/web : /var/www/html

Path user-files-1 : /mnt/disk1/user1 : /user-files/user1 (If only one path needed, only have to path /user-files)

Path user-files-2 : /mnt/disk1/user2 : /user-files/user2

Variable FR_DB_HOST : (your server IP)
Variable FR_DB_PORT : 3306
Variable FR_DB_NAME : frdb
Variable FR_DB_USER : mysqluser
Variable FR_DB_PASS : mysqlpass
Variable APACHE_RUN_USER_ID : 1002

Variable APACHE_RUN_GROUP : users

Variable APACHE_RUN_GROUP_ID : 100

I have created the FileRun user in Unraid. It's not needed, you can use nobody for example. In my case, I want 2 FileRun users, but in Unraid I want exclusive access to their respective shares in samba. So, I have a
FileRun user with access to the two shares.

And that's all!

If somebody needs the SWAG config, let me know it.

If something is not clear, let me know it.

If this guide help you, let me know it! jeje


Have you tried adding openoffice/libreoffice also?


LibreOffice is included. But I will try to install OnlyOffice.


I took the liberty to use Nelos guide and created a slightly more detailed version of the guide

I hope it works as good as his original guide 😉

One remark:

You don't need to create the db and user in mariadb, FileRun will create in a fresh install at first run with the values you put in the container parameters.

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Nice! I linked your guide in the docs: https://docs.filerun.com/filerun_install_guide

Hälsningar från Portugal!

Thank you. But in my case I already run a docker with MariaDB and the only user that's allowed to create databases and users is root. So for me (and maybe others) creating a new users with database is not possible.


Perfect then. What I said is only for new and dedicated mariadb containers.


Good to straighten all question marks 😜 Maybe it will help someone


I was disappointed when my FileRun docker stopped updating because the version hosted in Community Apps was removed.  Luckily I just had to redirect unRaid to the official filerun repository and I didn't have to make any other changes.  It downloaded and upgraded perfectly as far as I can tell.

To improve the security of your installation you should also setup an instance of Caddy to generate SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt.  And as a bonus, if you switch your domain's DNS provider to Cloudflare, you can obfuscate your server's real public IP and put firewall rules in place to allow WAN access only from the Cloudflare IP address.  That will guard your instance against random probing from bots/scanners that are just scanning your IP block.

Good recommendations.

I use SWAG with letsencrypt, and GeoIP blocking. Fail2Ban jail os in process...

I used a time CloudFlare, but I moved to other provider with my own domain, and some attack mitigations.

Good thinking. Have you tried NginxReverseProxy? it's dead simple to setup and publish SSL certificates too

SWAG is a Nginx reverse proxy.


Thank you Nelo for sharing your guide!


Filerun is back on the CA !

Working fine

Is there any way to add Unraid shares to Filerun? So that I can access the files on the server...

And is it possible to show/give access to different shares/folders depending on the user?

I believe you can just add another volume mapping, and then depending on the user set it as their home directory. This should work in theory, i have not tested it myself.

its very useful ! and i'll note again that  : first time when u install with unraid ,please set user-files-1 : /mnt/disk1/user1 : /user-files/user1 , because it will change your Folder permissions!!!!!!!!! SO , remeber it!!!