music folder - by interpret/by album not showing anything

Konstantin Petz 3 weeks ago 0

I've been trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong but so far the music section only show tracks in the 'random' section and it's general tracks section. going into the folder that would show the interpret or the album doesnt seem to work..

I've set up all the indexing (elasticsearch/apache tika) and ran the metadata_index.php and the reindex_files.php on my music folders but I don't seem to get it to work for albums or Artists, do I have to manually add this metadata information?

When looking into the Metadata -> file types option I can see that filerun has all my mp3s registered and I've check with mp3tag if all the tags are correct which they are..

I've been enjoying your product a lot so far, and this is the only thing I couldn't get to work, could you please help out?