File sorting problem

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Filerun: the latest version.

There are thousands of files in a folder, arranged in reverse order according to file modification time. But I find that some new files are not displayed on the first page.


Sorting does not apply at the moment to paginated folders. It is a known limitation.

Any plans to resolve this soon, I'm testing the software to buy and need to sort 100,000+ images thank you. 

You have no idea how many times I hear this, add feature X and I will buy. In 20 years of FileRun, it never happened :) If you buy, any license, I'll add this function the same day ;)

Wow that is a great response, I love and respect that, truly do. Lets get a little deeper, I'm looking to replace a file manager I already use and paid for, that works inside of TinyMCE html editor and as a standalone and or through a form call, to manage images and or other media files. 

I have a demo of your software in place and love the UI and idea of the UX, great work, I do want to remove what is seen "white label it, but not re-brand, just un-branded" and limit access to  only 1 user in the UI to only upload, download, delete change, nothing else. But still allow me as the admin full access to everything if needed, my needs are simple really. Seems this software could do this in theory?

My current file manager support(s) as you scroll loading of the dir even with 100,000+ images in that dir, I can show you this, if needed, they use a single json file to manage it, that is approx 30MB in my case. That file name is cache.s3db, look that file name up on Google and you will find what I'm using, this way I do not post bad info about a competitor directly. They do not update their software to much and it lags, support has been truly limited even after paying for it, they keep going up and no progress for many many months, last update was like 2020, the UI is filled with bugs, yet they want you to keep paying, dated UI now and thus after many attempts to resolve this, I'm looking for a new app. 

One of the items I would love to see and willing to pay for depending on costs as I'm a one man band, so no deep pockets sadly, is a CDN connection to send a simple API call to purge that image anytime I upload and or change an image. The doc for this is a supper simple 3 lines of code to an api, that can work in just about any language type.  This function and correct sorting with progressive scroll loading are key for my use with so many files to manage.

I already have progressive scroll loading and sorting that works without fail in my current software, but is buggy.  What I still need is a simple api connection to the CDN to update that CDN to purge an image on update and or change, that would save me from having to write a custom scrip that then runs a cron as a chained batch based on date stamp of the file change in the dir.

This was allot, and somewhat off OP topic, sorry about that, but your response was great, I wasn't even sure I would get someone to respond at all, I find that allot with things today.... 

Let me know your thoughts...

Ah, there it is :) The "but...", the "but I also need you to do this for me", and THEN I buy :)

Wow, so what does that mean now? I put everything on the table pf what I already have and now asking how do I get something I do not have? Did you not see the "willing to pay for depending on costs"? That means above and beyond the lic fee, I'm not a tire kicker, but at the same time, I need to know what XYZ will costs me? Spec it out if needed. Thanks and Let me know your thoughts, enough of the sarcasm...

If you mean business you email me and we talk. Here you just waste my time. Anonymously.

Good point, ok will do, thanks for your feedback...