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Auto Log out breaking uploads

editor1.shell 5 days ago updated by TritonB7 15 hours ago 2

There is a featture in filerun, that I generally like, that a user gets automattically logged out after N min of inactivity. However, this is casuing an issue when trying to do long uploads (that take hours) because the user gets logged out befor upload is finished. 

What's the best way to fix this ?
Also, if it's not fixable, how do I disable auto log out ?

Under review

I will look into this shortly.

I ran into this issue today. I went to Control Panel > Security > Inactivity Timeout and set it to 0 to prevent FileRun from logging me out. Also, it seems to me that FileRun may be ignoring activity. Even with activity, it feels like  it would log me out after an hour from logging in vs when there was last activity in FileRun. I haven't time it, but I may try that next to be sure.