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Browse files only using keys

Xvhde46dw 1 week ago updated 1 week ago 2

Hi there,

I was wondering if it would be possible to change the key behavior in the file explorer to better match that of Windows Explorer.

Many times I find that it's faster and easier to browse files using the keys vs the mouse. Unfortunately, currently, this isn't possible in Filerun, primarily because the arrow keys scroll and don't select the next/prev item.

In particular, I would greatly appreciate it if the following keys would do the following things:

  • up/down arrow key: select the next/previous item in the folder (currently they scroll),
  • enter key: opens the file/folder if selected (currently does nothing),
  • alt + up key: selects the parent folder if available,
  • shift + up/down key: selects a group of files and folders.

This would make working on files so much more easier and efficient for me. For reference see Windows Explorer.

Many thanks!

Under review

Thanks for your message! A lot of progress has already been done in this regard in the development version.

Working hard now on testing before the new release. Hopefully a few more days.

I am not a big keyboard user mysefl, so if you find anything missing after the next update, don't hestiate to post here your feedback. 

Awesome sounds great! Can't wait for the new update to come out!