PHP Fatal error: Class 'XMLWriter' not found

Phillip 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 1

I have recently upgraded both Ubuntu and Filerun which broke a few dependencies. I have found most of them and installed the required packages. I had to specify php7.3 for the install of each of the dependencies listed in the install guide as ubuntu installs php8.

I can now access everything via the browser. However I cant connect via the nextcloud app. It authorises via the browser fine and I see the app listed but it wont connect and says "there was an invalid response to an authenticated WebDAV request". I also get the following error in /var/log/apache2/error:

"PHP Fatal error: Class 'XMLWriter' not found in /var/www/html/system/classes/vendor/Sabre/Xml/Writer.php on line 33"

I have confirmed that php7.3-xml is isntalled and XLMWriter is listed when i run the command "php7.3 -i"

Is there something I am missing here?


I might have found my issue. I think I had half of the apache modules and php extensions for php7.3 and some for 7.4. Making them all 7.4 and enabling that in apache seems to have done the trick. I will report back once I can confirm properly.