Audio playback (gapless)

WillJR 3 months ago updated by ruggiero 3 months ago 1

I'm in awe of how painless filerun has been to set up and use. Thank you for the awesome software. It's not likely to be high up on the list of wants, and may not be technically possible in a browser, but gapless playback of audio files would be amazing.

Just speaking primarily as an end user but knowing a bit about how PHP and Apache works, the gapless playback likely requires preloading of tracks that you plan to listen to, and that would require double the resources that you may currently have allocated to Filerun.  I suppose if you were simply using Filerun as a front end to a local file server, response would be better, but still subject to the limitations of the webserver and underlying framework.  That being said, Vlad would know best!