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unable to move image to parent folder

François R 1 month ago updated 1 month ago 5

Due to last version I can't anymore move images (or pdf...) to parent folder.

It works to sub folder but not parent, using the left column tree as destination.

Is there a way to fix it?


Cheking it I have no more the move/copy option on the right click. Maybe is it my root cause.

But why ??


Under review

The update was fixed, but if you have been one of the first people to install the update, please apply the patch you find here: https://feedback.filerun.com/en/communities/1/topics/1533-fantastic-new-filerun-version-available-update-now#comment-5694

It doesn't looks to work. I restore a backup to the previous one version.

Dos the update is now done?


Have you cleared your browser cache after applying the patch or the update?

yes I did and try into private mode with another one browser too.

I restored the backup and then play the update again. Still the same problem.

I restored files only (not database) and it works. So it's really a code problem not a mismake with the database.

Thanks for your help becasue i need to buy a full commercial version but I need it works :)