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WebDav Authentication problem with non-admins

Lukas Trenkner 1 month ago updated 1 month ago 8


I installed the new version today and wanted to try WebDav directly.
FileRun is running on an Apache web server.
I have configured two users. An administrator and a normal user.
When I try to access the WebDav with the Windows Explorer, the request for login data appears again and again.
If I log in with the admin user, it works. With the normal user it does not work.
I would like to enable the function for all user accounts.
Unfortunately I did not see a corresponding permission. Did I miss something?

PS: I have already tried the solution as written in the support document https://docs.filerun.com/webdav#login_loop.

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Open the WebDAV URL in a browser instead, and try to login there, instead of Windows explorer, so that you can see what's going on.

There I get the same login loop.

When I cancel, I got the following message:

"This application requires authentication.

Your account has been deactivated!

Login does not work now.

Where can I activate users again?

The documentation seems to be out of date https://docs.filerun.com/admin_guide#deactivating_a_user

But I guess it works for the superuser..

I managed to activate the user.

When I login in the browser I get this output like in the photo.

As soon as I try to connect via Windows Explorer, the account is deactivated again after the first attempt.

You are using a wrong password, too many times.

The password is correct.

After setting the password again, I can log in via the normal web interface.

As soon as I enter the user data in Windows Explorer, the login screen appears again and the user is locked from then on.

As soon as I enter the user data in Windows Explorer,

Increase the number of "Maximum login attempts" from the FileRun control panel, under "Security" to 999 and this will probably not happen again, confirming that you have saved an incorrect password somewhere.

Thank you.

The password is correct. I use it directly from a password safe.

The credentials are not stored in Windows. I have checked this in the control panel.

Is there any other way to find out where the error is?