Shared link to folders shows no thumbnails when default thumbnail location moved

dave 1 month ago updated by langerdennis yesterday at 1:08 a.m. 1

Everything works perfectly in my docker installation of current afian container of Filerun and mysql 5.7, IF I leave the default thumbnail location. If I relocate thumbnails to their own folder as allowable in "customizable," everything works fine EXCEPT when sharing a folder with web link - the thumbnails are always missing in the link page. The thumbnails and folder in which they are saved have chmod 777 forced for testing. What am I missing or is there a little bug here somewhere? Thanks again for a great solution for our family photo archiving efforts,,,,

Struggling with the exact same issue. When I created an album with the thumbnails located next to the file location, the album functionality would work flawlessly - the thumbnails would show, previews were loading and the download worked fine as well. With the advanced option for cache location mentioned above, the browser would throw me 404 errors when trying to display thumbnails or previews in the web album - it is working fine everywhere else in the user panel, just not in the public album:

files.oberfeld.me/:1          Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

As soon as I go back into config.php, comment out the cache location and refresh the album website, all thumbnails are generating on demand next to the file location again (which is expected behavior) and are displayed correctly in the web album. When I then edit config.php again to let it point to the desired central thumbnail location and clear the browser cache, the thumbnails are again not loading, throwing error messages in Chrome's developer console. The download functionality is working fine either way. User permissions are exactly the same in both thumbnail locations (next to the file and at the defined location):

drwxr-xr-x 1 www-data www-data

Since the error message is a 404, I assume the web album functionality might not correctly be looking for thumbnails at the new location after it has been manually specified. Example album

PS: I have ruled out my reverse proxy as the problem - the problem also applied when accessing via local IP (before I had the installation registered and therefore lost access via local IP). For now I have created a separate docker-compose stack only mounting the folder I want to expose as a web album as a workaround, with thumbnails existing next to the files...

Other than that everything works flawlessly and I cannot thank you enough for this great piece of software!