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Consider a FileRun version of OnlyOffice

Zilexa 4 weeks ago updated 1 week ago 5

It's soo difficult to get OnlyOffice Documentserver to setup, even via Docker this often simply does not work and the OnlyOffice team has not built in proper error reporting. To have a Google Docs/Office Online experience, allowing to create and edit documents from FileRun, OnlyOffice is the only option unfortunately. Please consider creating some sort of integrated version. 

Under review

The error reporting is indeed not great. I am aware that there are various troubles with the integration at the moment and I will look into it.


To second Zilexa, I have never been successful with OnlyOffice integration and I have tried many different times.  I would also like to see a Collabora/LibreOffice integration as that would be my preferred integration.  OnlyOffice tries to do too much and is overly complicated.

Collabora integration is probably the best bet also as a long term solution. Even though it runs server-side, it is quite optimised already and works really well.

Also, it fits FileRun perfectly because it has a mobile web client included. OnlyOffice only provides a webclient for its enterprise license.

+1 for Collabora support, hopefully also less work, skip OnlyOffice.


I promise to add a Collabora plugin soon. Not with the upcoming update, as it is getting quite big, but with the next one for sure.

That is fantastic news !!

Thanks Vlad!