Files don't get fully uploaded when using NextCloud client

Keagel 1 month ago 0


I've just noticed that when I copy/paste some "big" files (200 Mb) to the NextCloud folder, only parts of the content get uploaded if I don't pause the synchronization before. It is as if the NextCloud client picks up the first part of the file that's copied, uploads it and marks it as done. The result is that FileRun sees the file as unreadable and with the wrong size while the NextCloud client shows the file as fully synced. In one case I had a 200 Mb file marked as synced when it was only 60 Mb on the server.

I can't seem to find any related issue on NextCloud forums so I have to assume this is related to FileRun? Maybe there is no hash check done when the sync completes? Either way it's worrying as it means I'll have to constantly check if my files are all correctly synced if I don't want to lose data.

Can you look into it?

Thank you!