Custom folder icons

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Option to set custom icons to certain folders.

(This would be set by editing custom config files, without any user interface tools.)

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This will be added with the next update.

To customize a folder's icon, one would set a CSS class name for the folder's path, inside "customizables/config.php", like this:

$config['app']['ui']['folder_icon_css_class']['/the/folder/s/path'] = 'themeColorMain fa-exclamation-triangle';

Replace "/the/folder/s/path" with the actual folder's absolute path.

The CSS class name "themeColorMain" is used to keep the icon's color consistent with the theme's color. The "fa-exclamation-triangle" is a Font Awesome icon class name (note that not all Font Awesome icons are defined by default in FileRun, so check the file "css/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css" for availability - do not edit this file though).

Any custom CSS definition can be set through enabling the loading of a custom CSS file (see http://docs.filerun.com/custom_css).


A FileRun update is now available. It includes this feature.