File size limits

mustaphab 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 5 years ago 8

I can't seem to figure this one out. When someone zips a folder on my share files list. If its small, it displays the total file size of the zipped folder and you download it. However, if its a much larger folder, there is no size displayed on the download and the file is corrupted as if the server couldn't zip the entire folder due to its size. What is limiting this from working properly?

Under review

The fact that you do not get the size for a large zip is the expected behavior, as that would require the entire zip archive to be generated on the server before any data is being transferred, and that would take a very long time and in most cases fail due to PHP limitations.

The problem is that that the file doesn't get transferred entirely. Please tell us the expected size of the archive, number of files included, the PHP version, configured "max_execution_time", "memory_limit" and your download speed.

memory limi is 15000m and max_executive_time is 999 and the size is around 30gb and about 100 files. i have a 100mbps

Unless the server actually has 15GB of memory to spend on a single PHP process, I would suggest to set that to a more moderate value, as we've experienced PHP actually using the default value instead of the configured one, when set to extreme values such as in this case.

100Mbps is around 12.5 MB/s which means it will take you at least roughly 41 minutes to download 30GB. That is 2457 seconds, so 999 is not enough.

For such large download, we however recommend you to zip your content in advanced, to let the users download the zip file, instead of having PHP process so much data (and fail while trying to do so).

Why is it locked to 4gb no matter what the total size is supposed to be? I have increased the limits but it doesn't go beyond 4gb. There has to be something else limiting this.

There is no limit from FileRun so you should check PHP, the CGI layer (if used) and the HTTP server for limitations.

A constant speed plus a constant amount of time equals a constant amount of transferred data, so do not look for exactly a 4GB limitation as you won't find one. Look for a time limitation.