Where can I see Google Maps section displaying GPS data stored in Photos?

miksr 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 13

According to this post https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/179-google-static-maps-api,  

FileRun will be "displaying a map on the details panel when you select a picture file which has embedded GPS coordinates". However I've configured a Google API key, but don't see any map. Any additional configuration required?

P.S. I'm running the open source version/license.

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PHP needs to be have the EXIF extension enabled. Also, the photo files need to be indexed by FileRun for this to work, as FileRun will not read the data from the files in real-time. Indexing is done when the files are being uploaded using FileRun, or when using the right-click menu option "Index files", available to the FileRun superuser when selecting folders.

I believe I have all the above, but I don't see any map (see screenshot attached)

2018-04-29 22_37_20-FileRun.png

If you have configured a " Google Static Maps API" key in FileRun's control panel, the last place to check is the Google API account to make sure everything is in order there.

I find it works if you turn OFF signing the url in the Google console (allow unsigned usage).

Google will tell you for a greater degree of security you should be signing the requests but if you turn it ON, it doesn't seem to work with FileRun.

What are you talking about? Signed URLs are strictly related to Google Cloud and have nothing to do with the Google Static Maps API.

I set up an API key for the Google Static Maps API and the map would not show in FileRun.  I redid the whole key setup and still nothing.  Then I opened the API dashboard and at the bottom it shows "Static Map API / Requests / Errors / Error Ratio / Latency" and then a Gear symbol (settings). I click the gear symbol and have an option to "Regenerate secret" or "Allow unsigned usage". I clicked "Allow unsigned usage" and suddenly FileRun shows the Google Map when viewing photos.

I can't explain why it works now after doing that but I'm just happy it does ;)

This must be something new from Google. Thank you for the explanation!

What I can't get working is the URL shortener, even though it's been set up the same way as the Maps API

You are welcome to post a new thread.

Thank you. It works now. I've re-created the API key, added it and it just started to work.

P.S. You know what would be a cool feature -- to index images also to GPS location (Country, State/Provice, City/Town) and show that similar to how currently there is  "By Date" and "By Tag" views


The location grouping feature will come soon, also with the option of finding photos by browsing a world map.

Hi, is showing photos on the map still on the roadmap? When can I expect this functionality?