JOOMLA Log in?

Dave S 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 4

My site is primarily Joomla base, with filerun log in and the system running in a iFrame.

However, I would love to be able to integrate the filerun system into joomla seamlessly. 

Is the a way to use the Joomla log in feature to access the users file run files and display them?

I hope this makes sense. 

Under review

Are you interested in skipping the FileRun login screen, or skipping FileRun altogether and displaying data from FileRun inside a custom Joomla page?

1. I have NO users who log into "Joomla" - I only use Joomla for the web front side. 

2. I use FileRun exclusively to handle my client files., so any real interaction with important stuff is done with the FileRun System.

That said, running FileRrun in an iFrame to make it look like it is 'part of my site' is ok, but I would love to have my clients log in through a portal that looks like my website. A log in screen that is built into Joomla, accessing the data and displaying it in Joomla.

This should help then: http://docs.filerun.com/external_login_form

It allows you to have a login form somewhere on your website. The users will use that and skip the FileRun login screen