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Share web link as audio playlist that can be played in the browser

Harvey E 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

We use Filerun primarily to deliver audio projects. We'd like to send links to end users so that they can listen to audio files in browser - however using the 'Playlist' view setting forces the browser to download a .m3u file, rather than playing the audio in the browser audio plugin. Any thoughts? 

Under review

The playlist feature is not designed to be used for playing audio files in the browser, but in an audio player which supports playlist files. I have edited your message and set it as a feature request.

Got it thanks Vlad.

For the record, we think using Filerun's built in audio plugin / player for sharing that kind of folder would be a natural fit for the product, and probably a more intuitive behavior for the 'Playlist' view than delivering an m3u file.