Ask to overwrite a file before replacing it

info 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 2

Sorry if this has been asked again. But would it be possible to have a confirmation if we want to replace the files with the same name on a mass upload or just pass them?

I usually upload folders with many files and I don't want to re-upload those that were already there. Any idea how I can do it?

For the upload task to know that files already exist, it needs to check before hand, or actually attempt to upload/transfer. There is no way you can skip existing files. The only option is to disable file versioning, in which case, overwriting by upload will no longer happen and the upload will fail with a message.

In our daily workflow we update our documents constantly. The current method for uploading a new version is fast and efficient, but we are never sure if the new document replaced the old file because we don't see a confirmation message. Will it be possible to add a manual upload option like in Google Drive?