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Only first 1000 photos are shown in a shared gallery (mobile view), and a 18GB zip file is shown as a folder

ndandanov 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


Congratulations for the great product you have developed!

I installed FileRun two weeks ago and have been playing with it so far. Nevertheless, I encountered two issues so far:

  1. I have a folder with 1667 photos in total. When sharing it as a gallery, everything displays properly in a desktop browser (e.g., in Google Chrome). However, when opening the gallery on a mobile device (e.g., in Google Chrome), only the first 1000 photos are shown in the gallery. It's interesting that the remaining photos are still accessible if one opens the last photo and then scrolls forward. The issue can be replicated by opening the Developer Tools of the desktop browser (e.g., Google Chrome) and switching to "mobile view".
  2. I have a zip archive which is 18GB in size. FileRun interprets it as a folder and when one tries to open (preview) it, an error saying that "The item is not a folder!" is printed. Download seems to be working fine. FileRun says that the "folder" is created on Jan 1, 1970 (the beginning of the Unix Epoch) when it was created last week. In the same parent folder there is another zip file of 1011MB which has the same permissions on the file system and was created at the same time. It is treated as a zip file by FileRun. Trying to preview it generates a blank pop-up window, however download seems to work.

If needed I can grant access to a test instance with the issues reproduced.

Kind regards!

Under review

#1 - The browser is probably limiting the rendering, as such a web page, displaying 1667 photos, in a mobile browser, would probably crash or render the device unusable. Hopefully we'll add pagination or some other solution to the web link gallery pages, for cases like this. In the mean time I can only recommend organizing the photos in subfolders.

#2 - If you are using 32 bit software (PHP), it is time to upgrade to 64 bit.

Dear Vlad,

Thank you for the fast response!

Some sort of pagination for the mobile view would be quite handy I think.

Unfortunately I think that the issue might still be caused by FileRun and I will explain why.

The first image in the folder is named "_someString_com.jpg". It displays as the first image in the FileRun web interface when browsed with the superuser account.

However, when shared as a gallery, the first image displayed is "K&L_0001_someString.jpg" and the last one is "_someString_com.jpg". The one before this is "K&L_1666_someString.jpg".

On the other hand, in the mobile view, the last one is still "_someString_com.jpg", but the one before is "K&L_0999_someString.jpg".


According to #2, you are correct. I am currently using a 32-bit version of PHP as my OS architecture is also 32-bit. 

Thanks in advance!