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We have recently purchased Enterprise License.

We are having a problem with search function that entering more than one keyword into search box and choosing Metadata as search method yields no results.

i.e. Consider the following senario
Filename    Tags
Photo-1     Antalya Golf Flag Beach
Photo-2     Antalya Golf
Photo-3     Antalya Beach

- Searching with Metadata "Antalya" (without quotes) finds all Photos, however
- Searching with Metadata "Antalya Beach" (with or without quotes) finds nothing, although it should find Photo-1 and Photo-3.

We are wondering if this is a problem, and if so what would be the solution?

Best regards.

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I have replied to your original e-mail message. Do let us know if you haven't received it.

Hi Vlad,

I apologize for late reply, I've replied your last email.


Just to give a quick update, I have changed this post to a feature request. With the next update, one will be able to search files by multiple metadata keywords (particularly useful for searching by multiple different tags).

Sorry to comment on a closed thread. I see that this request has been confirmed. How do you make a search containing multiple tags? I tried using the modifiers AND, &, OR etc., but they did not work.

Is there a reason "contents" tab can't be grouped with other search options? Currently, we can't see a way to search contents within a date range, which is an absolute must for large indexes. Please advise!