Weird issue on connection PC->server when browsing from smartphone

almond27579 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1


really, I can't find the culprit here and ask for help.

1) I do the login from the PC browser (eg. Google Chrome | Win 10 Pro 64bit) with superuser or another user both.

No problems at all: I can surf the cloud and the PC to server connection is normal as usual for any other action, visiting the website, the server control panel and so on... 

2) I do the login from any smartphone with any browser...here something weird happens but on the PC

The internet connection from PC to the web server is not functional anymore. I checked the logs on the server and I can't find a reason or a specific error. What's the difference, please? Maybe my router which does strange things when accessing the cloud from smartphone?

p.s.: the problem is only about the web server and FTP, eg. I can access the server on SSH from the PC as usual but can't connect to https or ftp...while on the smartphone ALL is working

Thanks for your help

ok, understood.
This is caused by net.ipv4.tcp_tw_recycle enabled because the devices are on the same NAT