List+Thumbs Display Mode

Justin M 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

When using "Thumbnails", longer folder names get cut off. 

When using "Detailed List", image thumbs are tiny. 

Could there possibly be a combination view that shows folders how they display in "Detailed List", with files displayed below that how they look in "Thumbnails"? This would bring the best of both display modes together into a single view.

The same list of folders is also displayed on the left side of the screen, in the folder panel, which can be resized to show longer names. To help with choosing the right folder in the main panel, one can also hover the mouse cursor of a folder name to see it full in a tooltip.

I don't think we'll make a combined view, as it is not a UI concept people are familiar to.

Hey Vlad, no worries, just throwing out ideas.

Our setup has folders nested within folders nested within folders, so the left side panel needs to be expanded pretty far to see the full folder names. 

Maybe I can change this request into the left and right side panels remembering their expanded positions via cookie. As leaving and reopening the tab, or refreshing the tab causes the expanded positions of those panels to return to their default sizes.

Thanks for the consideration.