Folders slow to load

Stephanie G 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 8

Recently, I've noticed the time it takes for a folder to load has increased. I'm looking for suggestions to increase load times to display all the contents of a folder - I'm not talking about how long a file takes to load from double clicking but just simply the load time to display all the contents of a folder.

We recently increased the storage space as we were near maxing it out and assumed this could be causing slow load times. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Running latest versions of FileRun and IonCube on PHP7.0

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Do you have unusually large amounts of folders and files to be listed?

Define unusually large? It's a repository for our companies distributor network - yes there is a lot of files but they are needed for business purposes.

More than 100 items in the folder or file listing. I am referring to all of them in the same folder, listing all at the same time when accessing a folder.

On an average server, listing a folder with 1000 items, takes about 4-5 seconds for the request to be generated, and a couple more for the browser to display them (this part depends on the speed of the user's computer). A folder with a couple of hundred items takes about a couple of seconds.

Hi there,

We have the same problems but our folders are small 50 items max, and it takes more around 1 minute to load the list. We want to buy the pro version but we need to know if this a normal behavior?? (or maybe only in the test version) thank you

No, it does not sound like normal behavior.

How long does a folder with just one item in it takes to list?

I timed ours - to even open the admin control panel it takes around 1 minute and 25 seconds.

To open a folder took around 35 - 45 seconds to load. 

Something is definitely not working right. I see you have a valid support plan, do contact us via e-mail to troubleshoot this for you.


For everyone else who's having this problem - Try lowering the value of "Number of days to keep the file activity log entries:" setting, from FileRun's control panel under "Files" -> "Misc options", to the minimum day you actually wish to keep a record of.

After changing the value, it would require you to log out and back into FileRun, for the cleaning process to run.

After doing this our server is snappy again.