我是一名来自中国(China)的程序猿,Filerun的忠实粉丝。(I am a program ape from China (China), a loyal fan of Filerun.)

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  • 我喜欢Filerun,当时对中文不太友好。今天我特意来此提供一份Chinese文件
  • 虽然官方有翻译工具,但是翻译不彻底
  • 基于Filerun Chinese.txt翻译
  • 我会继续关注Filerun

English explanation

  • I like Filerun, but I was not very friendly to Chinese at that time. Today, I came here to provide a Chinese document.
  • Although there are official translation tools, the translation is incomplete.
  • Filerun Chinese.txt
  • I will continue to focus on Filerun.



Thank you very much, we'll make sure to include it in FileRun.