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Has anyone connected using ShareX?

Jonathan M 4 years ago updated 3 months ago 5

I come from the world of OwnCloud and Seafile. I found FileRun to be much better for end users and link recipients. However, what I miss about those was the API connection to ShareX.

I've written a CLI client for use on servers, but for the desktop ShareX is alot better for uploading quick screenshots and links to files. 

Has anyone gotten FileRun to work with it? Vlad is this something you could contribute to the ShareX team?

For uploading from ShareX use the "ownCloud / Nextcloud" ShareX destination. Configure with "path" set to being with "/@Home/" for the FileRun user's home folder.

You might also want to check this out: http://blog.filerun.com/screenshot-sharing-with-filerun/

Thanks Vlad!

This works for uploading the files, but it will not create the shareable link.

My workflow is a region capture with ShareX via hotkey, go back to the chat or email, Ctrl+v and send.

Under review

It cannot be done with ShareX custom uploaders feature, as it doesn't support OAuth2, which is required by the FileRun API, so the capability would need to be written into ShareX. We'll consider it.

I partly rewrote the Owncloud.cs file that is responsible for getting file uploading and sharing to work with Filerun. I updated the code to get the upload working, but I got stuck on the sharing part of the code. If anyone wants to take over where I left off, you can grab the work I've done attached below. Also linking the permalink to the original file so new commits can be  tracked and merged.

Owncloud.cs (rewrite)