Searching / filtering in predefined list meta field

Patrick E 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 4

I've setup an additional meta field set 'Document properties' and a field 'Document type' which contains a predifined list

This means that, if a file's file type is set to 'Documents', I can choose a document type from a list.

I think it would make lots of sense to have the same dropdown selection in the meta search.

Otherwise, our users would need to know the options by heart.

Best regards, Patrick


Makes absolute sense, thank you for the clear description. It's on the todo list now, so probably with the next update.

The list will be displayed to the user with the next update.

However, I should mention something regarding your particular example. You should add your options as FileRun metadata "File types" instead of options of a metadata field. The users would then choose the "Type" option when searching, which already lists the options:

It would also:

  • allow you to add fields that make sense only under the particular type of document that was selected.
  • automatically assign your document types based on file extension. (maybe even by other criteria in the future)
  • bonus: get you a nice file count by document type in FileRun's control panel.

The change is included in the now available FileRun update.