Custom event catchall handler

geral 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3


I was reading about custom event script (https://docs.filerun.com/custom_event_scripts) and it wold be great to have one extra option :

> generic catchall events file handler to be able to centralize and route all events from one single file since all events already have the $action variable with the event name.

Under review

We could add that. May I ask about the purpose of it?

I'm developing a integration with a CMS where multiple events should trigger specific handlers to update the CMS.

At this point I have some specific key tasks I want to perform but i'm not sure of all the events I should use and what other events could be useful and I dint even think they could.
For this purpose of exploring, testing, logging and centralize to prevent code repetition because some events will trigger the same handler, I think one catchall events file wold be great.

Thanks! and great work btw =)


With the next FileRun update, the config option $config['app']['enable_catch_all_event'] can be set to true to have FileRun look for the file "customizables/events/catch-all.php" and if it exists, it will run it every time a user performs an action.