Translation files available?

mailbox 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 1

I would like to finish the dutch translation, however it would be easier for me if there is a file avilable in one of these formats.

Gettext (.po, .pot)
Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
CSV (.csv)
Microsoft Resources (.resw, .resx)
Android Resources (.xml)
Apple Strings (.strings)
iOS Xliff (.xliff)
Java Properties (.properties)
Key-Value JSON (.json)
JSON (.json)
Angular XMB (.xmb)
Angular XTB (.xtb)

    There is a translation tool available inside your FileRun client account. Click here to access it directly.

    From there you can download a translation in plain text format and edit it in any text editor you prefer. For details on the file structure, please see: http://docs.filerun.com/translating_filerun#manually_editing_a_translation_file

    We currently do not plan to use any other file formats for it.