Wasted empty space above search bar

wonx 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 1

Since the last upgrade, filerun has greatly improved how the search of files is performed.

I primarily use FileRun for browsing pictures, and I search through tags often. However, in particular on small screens (smartphones and tablets), the interface takes up too much space, especially when the search bar and the sort bar are visible, taking almost half of the screen state.

Let me show you (this is on a regular 1080p screen): 

And this is on a mobile phone, where barely one picture can be displayed at the same time:

Couldn't the search bar be integrated in the already existing empty space on top of the website? Or at least using a more compact view. 

It's not really empty space. We'll see what we can do, perhaps find a way to toggle the menus.