Acces to parent folder, but only access to specific child folders

Alain G 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 2

Hello all,

We are at the point were we would like to start using Filerun but we encounter a problem.

We have created several groups to which users are assigned.

Now we would like to create a structure as follows;

Parent folder A> child folder A > sub child folder A

and then a second sub child folder B, so:

Parent folder A> child folder A > sub child folder B

We assign usergroup 1 to sub child folder A, and usergroup 2 to sub child folder B

So that the different usergroups only have access to their own (sub child) folder

However, I want them both to have access to the parent folders. If I assign these user groups to the highest parent folder, automatically all the child folders get this setting too and the specific setting on the child folders is overruled. As a result anyone can see anything.

How can I solve this, or make it so that both user group have acces to the parent folder(s) but only selected acces to specified child folders?

Thank you so much,

If you share a folder, then you share all its content.

So the only solution is not to share the folder, but rather share, individually, contained files and/or subfolders. Or organize your folders differently.