Adding additional sentences to translation

Alain G 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 1 year ago 3


I would like to add some sentences to the Dutch language that er left untranslated. Such as:

"Drag here the files and folders you wish to download"

I have already tried to simply add it to the existing file, in the same way it is done with the rest of the translation, however nothing happens.

Furthermore I have corrected some language-errors and as soon as I am done I will share the updated Dutch language with you.

Thank you so much.

New lines can be added to the translation files without problems. You just need to add them under the appropriate section.

I recommend you to use the translation tool from the client area. It should have all standard FileRun lines added, even if the translation might not be available for certain languages.

A small correction, in the translation tool, the terms


- Single Sing In

are not available in section 'login Page' unless I'm mistaken.

Thank you.



The missing terms have been now added. Thank you for pointing it out!