Problem with using API

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I sucessfuly install your application on my Apache/XAMPP server. Everything working fine, but now i want do something with API. So i want find files with API. and want to help with code in this link https://github.com/filerun/api-client/blob/master/test.php. But when i copy and paste this code on my php project and insert right 'url' 'client_id' 'client_secret' 'username' and 'password' i get error Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'FileRun\API\Client' not found in... So i am not so expert in this. what i missed up?

KR. Toni

Under review

Are you sure you have included the first line? (require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';)

No becuse i dont find it. Where can find this file vendor/autoload.php ?

composer require filerun/api-client:dev-master


I recommend you to get assistance from somebody with more PHP development experience, as you won't get very far if your PHP knowledge is so limited.

Ok now working, but i want search for file, and not working well. I have files like
"Delovno poročilo - 201810105 (DA-000000).xlsx" so i want when i use DA-000000 as keyword that will return this file but i get another files too.

So how can i find files where is the number in bracket are same?

So actualy in need find file and create the weblink. This is most important.