add "create new folder" bottom in web link

csly004 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 3


if it is possible to add a  "create new folder" bottom in web link ?

FileRun will automatically create a new folderwhen I drop a folder here,  But when I use a phone, I find it hard to do a action like "drop a folder" that's to say I cannot create a new folder from mobile end.

When I share the link to my friends, they are more likely to open the link via the phone instead of the computer and then upload the file, so I hope to have such a bottom so their can classify files via phone.


We will not add file management option to web links, sorry.

Hi Vlad,

can I also ask for this feature.

We want to use FileRun for collection of photos from different people. I asked them to add the photos in an separate folder, but it is difficult to create the folder with an smartphone

thx, Stefan

Files get uploaded in folders created with the user's typed name, so they go into separate folders.
If you want to more folders, the only option at this time would be to have the folders created for the users beforehand.