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Extracting/Showing PDF Metadata

silent700 3 years ago updated by Brian R 2 years ago 7

I'm not sure if this is already a feature, but if so I cannot find it.  I have Filerun set up and working nicely, doing almost everything I wanted it to.  My main filetype is PDF, and after generating cover thumbnails, it runs smoothly.  What I'd like to see, though, is the embedded PDF metadata (Name/Author/Keywords/etc) displayed in the box on the right, along with the filename and size.

Is this possible with a settings change or plugin?  Or may I request a new feature?

Installed the new FileRun version (be sure to have php-zip installed or the update won't extract) and was hoping to see this feature.  Does anyone know if this is possible in the new version?

Currently there is no option for it in FileRun.

Is there and automatic option for Word files?

Under review

If you link a sample file, we can see if we can add an option for it.

Yes, a sample file that has the metadata embedded in it, from which you want to import in FileRun.