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Metadata by user

ursiseli 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 4

Is there a way to hide a metadata field for a user?

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I'm afraid not. Would you mind sharing a bit of details on how you would find this useful?

I would like to have a metadata set for a specific user group and a second metadata set for another usergroup. Maybe this is possible as an addition in the user roles


I understood that, but I was asking about it's purpose (why would this be a valuable feature).

It would require a lot of work to add such feature and we do not see any interest from other users.

At this moment we keep the current behavior, which is: if a user can access a file, the user can access all the metadata attached to the file.

Under review

So we are lately seeing more interest in having different sets of metadata fields for different users. For having for example specific client information attached to files shared with one client, but other clients shouldn't see the fields as they wouldn't be relevant.

If we were to add an option to limit to particular groups certain fieldsets or fields, where would you like to use this option, of fieldsets or fields? I lean towards fieldsets.