same file name

fdemir7 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

If you upload a file which has same file name with existing one, overwrites existing file. It didn't do any ward, siply overwrite.

Is it possible to ask before overwrite, or rename latest file such as "filename(1)" etc.


Useful to note that FileRun never overwrites a file without saving the exiting version.

You can only prevent yourself from uploading new files with the same filename by disabling the file versioning system from the FileRun control, by setting the number of kept old versions to 0. You won't be given options for overwriting, you just won't be able to.

File uploads in FileRun will never do automatic renames. It's not something users expect.

I Have a image named "aaa.jpg".I setted "Number of old versions to keep for each file:" to 5. And then uploaded  the second image with name "aaa.jpg". It owerwrote to existing file.

I have just found versioning right click menu. But is there any hint to indicate that the file has versions?