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Multiple domains pointing to the same filerun instance

preaultc 3 years ago updated by filerun 3 weeks ago 10


I would like to know if it's possible to use multiple domain names pointing to the same Filerun instance ?

I tried different thing with apache reverse proxy but didn't really work ...

I still have this message:

"This software application is registered to a different server hostname."

Is there any solution ? maybe a header to pass ?

Only if you unregister the FileRun installation. But why would you need to access the same FileRun instance via more than one URL?

My case is:

I want to access filerun both from my local network (filerun.local) and remotely (filerun.mydomain.com).

Filerun is currently registered on the remote domain and doesn't allow me to access it via local domain which I'm using because filerun is behind traefik with multiple other services.

I was in this exact same situation. 

The only solution I found is activating DNS loopback on my router (this option is not avaible on every hardware) 

Some problem here. Unfortunately, my router does not support DNS loopback(maybe NAT loopback?).

Closed for lack of information

I am in a (kind of) similar situation, i.e., I’ve installed FileRun, registered it, and then I’ve created a sub-domain for it on my server. Unfortunately I didn’t know that I should register it at the very end. :(

How to unregister FileRun in order to register it to a sub-domain?

Simply delete the file "system/data/filerun.dat" and the installation will be unregistered again.

Thank You very much, it’s much better to use it with a much simpler address. It’s great that it has been possible, thank You so so much for that :)

just wondering, once unregistered, I'm assuming it's then possible to re-register filerun to a different domain without anything screwing up ? ie. will still have web access to data / database will still be linked / etc.

Thank you

If only thing that changed is the domain, everything else should remain functioning as before.