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Multiple domains pointing to the same filerun instance

preaultc 2 years ago updated by ohhtjm 10 months ago 5


I would like to know if it's possible to use multiple domain names pointing to the same Filerun instance ?

I tried different thing with apache reverse proxy but didn't really work ...

I still have this message:

"This software application is registered to a different server hostname."

Is there any solution ? maybe a header to pass ?

Only if you unregister the FileRun installation. But why would you need to access the same FileRun instance via more than one URL?

Closed for lack of information

I am in a (kind of) similar situation, i.e., I’ve installed FileRun, registered it, and then I’ve created a sub-domain for it on my server. Unfortunately I didn’t know that I should register it at the very end. :(

How to unregister FileRun in order to register it to a sub-domain?

Simply delete the file "system/data/filerun.dat" and the installation will be unregistered again.

Thank You very much, it’s much better to use it with a much simpler address. It’s great that it has been possible, thank You so so much for that :)