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Common Shares

Craig M 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 3

So far, we are loving the software, especially how quick it is to navigate around. There's a couple of minor things we look like though to make it work better with our workflow please. We are a consulting company and use FileRun to share folders with our clients. We would prefer to be able to see and manage shares on folders created by other users directly from the normal interface. At the moment, we can only see, but not manage, shares from the admin page. Thanks!

Under review

It takes a click from the control panel to login as a different user, if you wish to share a folder using a different account.

Thanks for the response Vlad. I didn't know that feature existed and it goes some way to doing what we want to edit existing shares, though with a few more clicks.

We did consider sharing a single account which would do almost exactly what we want but lose any value in being able to audit the logs.

It's still not clear to me on what the problem/need is. I am assuming that only an admin user would want or should be able to change share settings of another user.

Could you provide a bit more info on how you are planning to setup the user accounts and use the sharing system?