Button to suggest another password

Gerald F 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 7


When creating many user successively,

it would be nice to have a button to regenerate a new password
in the account creation form.


Under review

If you empty the password field, click outside the field and back into the field again, a new random password will be generated. We'll research the option of adding a small button for it. Thank you for the suggestion!


In the same idea, would it also be possible to have a button to return the mail with login information when changing the password or login of a user.

You mean sending an e-mail message to the user, with the new credentials?

P.S. The button for generating new passwords has been added in the development version, so you will get that with the next update.


Sure, we'll add a checkbox for it, which you can enable whenever you're changing a password and you want the user to be automatically informed about the change. Thank you for the request!