Not a bug

2-Step Verification update

Mark 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 3

1. FileRun always lists failed login record to logs, when 2-step is activated on account, and user tries to sign in.

2. QR Image didn't fit exactly good in the frame. This may cause some apps to fail scan as some QR pixels might be hidden.

3. Would be nice to have the Code it self next to the QR image.

Many password-saving apps are PC/Mac based where you can't scan the QR.... Also its easier to backup this code and restore on mobile or other password vaults...

(I had to decode it with on-line qr-decoder in order to save in my PC pw-vault.)

4. Backup codes? Usually 2-step php generators can do backup codes.

2. QR Image didn't fit exactly good in the frame.

What browser, device or screen size did you use when experiencing this?

win 10 > latest opera > default adblocker > fullhd monitor

Not a bug

We do not maintain any type of compatibility with exotic browsers, and I am afraid Opera became one. If you encounter this problem with a mainstream browser, we'll look into it.