(!) Workspaces & Group Folders

Mark 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

The biggest flaw in FileRun is the missing Group Folders or Common Workspace feature.

After working with Netcloud, Owncloud, Pydio and others, this missing feature is the biggest drawback to my use case.

Would be nice to have at least simple version of Group Folders, like in NextCloud. Where all members of particular Group have access to a shared folder, which is listed on the left by its folder name.

Atm the only way to share folders is for 1 user to actually host it, and share it with others, so all can find it under the user name.

Try this option:

You can also share folders with an entire group of users.

I just use the same PATH for all the users as a common workspace with different permissions depending on their roles.


I have shared folders from the superuser account

This is not the same but a good alternative solution