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Time zone per user

Mark 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Why are the time zone settings are set per server and not per user?

In almost any scenario there will be a user or many users from abroad, seeing wrong times on files.

This doesn't happen on Nextcloud and other Clouds as time is picked up from the browser and converted.

How hard can it be?

Under review

If you wish changes in FileRun, you are welcome to ask them nicely. How hard can it be?

Please ? :)

Never personal, simply professional.

This project deserves to be No.1 thats why I am interested in improvements, and even would be happy to help.


It's not it. You are asking like we are supposed to explain to you why FileRun works as it does. We have no responsibility towards you so we won't answer such questions. And you are shaming us for being unable to do something that isn't hard. How you phrase your posts matter.
It's like trying to improve your kid by saying things like "why are you being stupid and not like all the other good kids".

There's nothing wrong with the phrase as it would never be interpreted as rude in UK.

Due to this forum being not too popular it might look like I am smashing, but before purchasing the closed source Product worth 2 grand I have no option rather than to push concerns in the forum. 

If you understood my requests as rude, take my apologies, but whatever happens, you should never push back your clients. 

I wish you success on the first place 👍