Add metadata when sharing files

Stephane B 3 years ago updated 2 years ago 7


when I share a folder via weblink, users can see the assets but cannot see their metadata: they download the assets without information (who is on the picture, the title of a product, etc.)

Is there a possibility to allow external users to see the metadata/tags I've added on each assets: and of course without create them an account, but just via weblink.

Thank you

Would use this as well. Going with ____ instead of filerun since I cannot really share a photo album since I need it to show IPTC descriptions. (This is for a family blog.)

Under review

We are considering adding an option for it. Would a new option, titled "Share the file metadata with the visitors." and set under the existing "Share the file comments with the visitors." be enough for you? We wouldn't enable it by default.

Hello Vlad,

you are right: it must remain as an option.

your proposal is good for me.

thx u

Hello Vlad, regarding this need for weblinks page to display metadata, an option to choose which metadata Field to display (ie a check box in Field Set parameters > edit Field and/or a checklist when creating weblink of a file or folder) could be a very interesting feature.


This feature will be included with the upcoming update. The users will be able to share files metadata via web links, and the admin can choose to prevent certain metadata fields from being shared.

Hi Vlad,

thank you for this new feature. Great!