For images, add resolution (height px * width px) in "Details" sidebar

snlookup 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

As the title suggests, add the resolution specs for file type "image" in the information sidebar on the right.

Currently, to find out the resolution, one needs to do [Menu -> Open with.. -> Media info] to get this information.

Also, it may be possible to display additional fields like EXIF data on supported images.


Oh, and perhaps rename Jpeg (more accurate) to JPG as it's more commonly accepted.


Keep up the good work, we appreciate it!


It's already there:

FileRun indexes photo metadata at upload time. If you have uploaded the files using other methods, or the files where already in the storage before installing FileRun, you can use command line tools for indexing the metadata. See "metadata_index.php" here: http://docs.filerun.com/command_line_tools

Yes, good point, it works if files are uploaded within FileRun.

Challenge is, in my case, the files are usually added to the filesystem directly, bypassing FileRun.

So, it is possible (in future versions), to get / display the resolution on the fly, ex. with PHP getimagesize() function. And/or add a button in the Info Details sidebar called "Retrieve file properties", which will do the same action as metadata_update_file_type.php for that specific file.

I don't think we will add that.
You can use this instead:

Well, that works, but "Index files" option is visible only if logged in as a superuser. And re-indexing files can take a long time if there are a lot of them.

I'm talking about an on-demand button per file feature, similar to how "Size [calculate]" button now works for folders.

In any event, thanks for suggesting the available workarounds to get the resolution :)