More "free" users

John 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

Hello I'm using FileRun for my school's Instrumental Music Boosters(self hosted) in place of google drive. I need at least 10-15 users but the price you guys offer is outrageous so I'm considering switching to self hosted nextcloud as they don't have a free user limit.  Is there any change FileRun will offer similar free users for those who are self hosting as Nextcloud does or do I need to just go ahead and migrate to nextcloud? 


You are comparing apples to oranges. Our Enterprise pricing includes our support service. That is what you would be paying for; us promptly helping you with any technical problem that you might encounter while using FileRun. The free Nextcloud software comes with no service. Nextcloud's Enterprise pricing starts at $2000 per year, so we find it funny that you are finding our pricing outrageous. We simply don't offer a free unlimited software and that is because unlike Nextcloud, we don't have other people writing code for free for us. You are obviously welcome to migrate to any software you want.

If you run a family website or a non-profit organization and you contact us, directly, introducing yourself, we are more than happy to provide an upgrade on the number of users for the free FileRun version.

Criticizing our business and pointing out how other software alternatives are better doesn't motivate us to provide to you anything.

My post came off wrong and for that I apologize. I was not trying to criticize your business or your software at all. I’m just not a developer so I really honestly didn’t understand the differences between the two. I was not aware that Nextcloud also charged. Maybe I looked at a no support option? The installation of FileRun is for a high school instrumental music booster group and is indeed a non for profit. Again, I apologize for the way my post came off as it was never intended to come out as it did. Thank you for the information, I greatly appreciate it!


I just wanted to update this for anyone who might be surfing by.  After my last post here apologizing, I did not go ahead and contact FileRun because at that point I felt very bad that my original post came off the way it did. I figured the relationship was ruined, and chalked it up to a lesson.  2 hours later I get an email from FileRun telling me to log into my super user account and update the license as it had been upgraded. FileRun did indeed upgrade my license to 15 users which is absolutely enough for what I need it for. This speaks VOLUMES about the integrity of FileRun that even after what I had said (and without me even asking) they went ahead and upgraded my license. I do not know of any company that would go ahead and do this.... so I wanted to make this public... FileRun (I’m going to assume Vlad specifically) went above and beyond even when they felt I was being unfair and treating them wrong. They should be commended for this and everyone should give them a strong consideration in using their software either for non-profits, or hopefully a full enterprise license. Thank you FileRun & Vlad for all of this, I cannot thank you enough... and again, I sincerely apologize!